Selling Your Home In Summer

Selling your home during the summer offer several advantages. For one, many parents want their kids settled in before they start the new school year in the fall. Also, the weather is nice in the summer so you get lots of sun and flowers are in bloom. Your house will also look so much better in pictures when you take pictures of it on a bright sunny day.

So if you’ve decided to sell your home in the summertime, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1.    Help your buyers imagine themselves entertaining and relaxing outdoors in your patio or backyard. So clean your deck and outdoor furniture thoroughly and replace any worn cushions. If you don’t have enough furniture, you may want to bring out some furniture from the living room. Doing so will make your patio look more inviting, plus it frees up some space inside.

2.   Mow your lawn more frequently. In the summer, grass grows faster, so your mowing frequency should compensate for it as well.

3.   Remove any plants from your garden beds that seem to add to the clutter. Instead, just add a dash of color with low maintenance flowers like marigolds. Trim the bushes and trees, mulch the beds, and water your plants regularly.

4.   Get rid of any clutter in the front yard—or in the backyard and in the house, for that matter. Clutter makes your home look disorganized and dirty, and your house seems smaller with clutter.

5.    Empty all garbage cans and make sure you deal with the smell, which can be worse with the summer heat. Make sure your bathrooms, kitchen, and the laundry area smell nice. And if you have pets, make sure you take care of the messes and odors. It’s probably better if you use natural fragrances like cut roses, rather than commercial air fresheners.

6.   Take advantage of the summer sun by letting the light in. Get rid of heavy drapes, since they also tend to make rooms look smaller. Open the lights and blinds, unless the sun is glaring through the window or there is an unappealing sight outside like a neighbor’s trashcan.

7.   Turn on all the fans so the air inside keeps moving. If it’s really hot, use the air conditioner. You absolutely want your buyers to feel comfortable, and that means keeping them from sweating profusely.

8.   Serve summer-y treats. Cold water, soda, and juice will be very welcome. Serve hotdogs and potato salad, and you can even use red and white checked tablecloths.

Just remember to be a bit more flexible in your viewing schedules. Some buyers may want to visit your home much later in the day because they want to check what your home looks like after the sunsets. Don’t worry, by being flexible you can expect more offers coming your way.